BRAND CONSULTING - Boost your online presence - You have a great brand but not a great online presence? The answer is an online branding strategy that leads to increased brand visibility and increased growth.

Online Branding – SEO & Content Marketing

Brand Vibe help you define and refine your brand’s online presence, using search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing and paid ads.

Engagement leads to growth, leads to loyalty. This is the basic mechanism we work after. Increasing web site visits and social followers make no sense without engagement with content, growth in conversions and brand loyalty. This is where we come in: telling your story in the most compelling way, creating engagement, growth and loyalty.

Brand Visibility

We talk about brand vibes as a “ vitalizing aura”, every piece of communication in every channel builds your brand’s aura and defines the essence of your brand and builds presence. There are communications that are social, others that are corporate. All of them essential.

We refer to vibrations as these elements that boost your brand’s visibility and can be “instinctively sensed or experienced.” The goal is to make your presence known.

Brand Vibe LTD is a company of independent consultants in SEO, content marketing and brand consulting. This lean organisational structure is what allows us to keep our fees low.

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