Viral Marketing Bo Vibe September 18, 2017

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is, despite its sinister name, an important part of online marketing success. To optimize and publish videos can give you more (media) content present on search result pages and boost your own web site’s ranking!

Any marketer’s dream is to promote something that promotes itself. This is the potential of viral marketing. Naturally it is not all that simple, but the principle is to create (media) content that spreads propelled by its own momentum.

This could be anything from an article, to an application to videos. When creating content the first question we ask is: how can we help you “go viral”? We work to identify what potential your promotional content has for spreading across the net. We do video promotion, making short, snappy videos and animations to post on You Tube and other video sites.

On many occasions the most viral – fastest spreading clips online are inexpensive and technically simple, from “cats playing the piano” to smart advertising campaigns. What you need for a successful viral campaign is high level ideas and low level budget, we deliver both!

SEO Video and Video Marketing

We define an SEO video as any type of video (be it funny, informative, thought provoking) that brings search-engine value and authority to your web site.  Video marketing entails producing videos with content that “hits the spot” with relvance to your product as well as to a high number of online searches.

Videos are listed in search-engine results and You Tube is actually second only to Google in number of searches made. We identify the targeted keywords to build the campaign around, produce and  submit the video to video hosting sites like You Tube, Vimeo etc. and embed it on your web site for maximum SEO effect.

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