Social Media Strategy Bo Vibe September 19, 2017

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Social Media Plan & Marketing

Brand Vibe develops your social media strategy, or helps you kick start your own, defining goals and choosing the right messages for the right platform.

How we work – in 4 steps:

1. Plan and Research. 2. Test. 3. Recalibrate 4. Publishing stream

The planning stage includes auditing existing social media profiles, or creating new ones. We then build out a content marketing calendar for our clients that details all KPIs and goals, including for social media, as well as publishing dates and content.

Test campaigns then find the basis for further content development and for adjusting the calendar accordingly. The final stage is maintaining a steady stream of interesting content in all channels, with consistent evaluation and tweaking.

Natural Link Attraction – a publishing side effect

To put it simply; ranking is one big popularity contest. This is measured, by search-engines, mainly through links: how many and from whom. Both quality and quantity matter. The quantity part is easy; “show of hands” how many “votes” (links) claiming your website is interesting? The quality part is where it gets trickier.

Search-engines do not simply ad-up the number of links to define a website’s popularity but also examines the authority of the sources. Our approach is two-fold: First, develop compelling on-site content that attracts links and secondly to get the word out about your business in the blogosphere.

There are obviously many methods and strategies to employ to increase the number of external links to your web site. By far the most rewarding of these is when you develop on-site content that visitors choose to bookmark and link to because it is that interesting, funny, illuminating and/or helpful! This is often referred to as link-bait, but it is basically just about communicating a side of your product/service that is most likely to make people want to revisit the content and/or download it. Creating on,- and off-site content that spreads propelled by a good idea executed well is at the core of viral marketing.

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