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Brand strategy consulting

Brand Strategy Consulting

Choosing the right brand strategy defines the essence of your company and forms the groundwork for increased brand visibility, online as well as offline.

The brand strategy is your long-term plan for developing a successful brand focusing on uniqueness and consumer needs. The goal is to align what makes your brand special with market needs.

Your brand is more than the sum of its parts, but those parts need to form a coherent whole. Putting the pieces together and getting your brand noticed, that’s where we come in.

Online Branding & Visibility

Online branding is about spreading the word, building your authority and reputation.

The key elements are a balanced (multi) media mix, proper social media integration and smart communication on your web site + all online touch points .

Branding efforts generally are both commercial and non-commercial in nature, from advertising to internal corporate messaging. More than anything online branding is about speaking with one, unambiguous voice.

Brand identity

Giving off “good vibes”, meaning that not only does your brand represent a solution to a problem, but it inspires. 

A key element in this is content marketing. If your articles, infographics, photos, videos etc. are somewhat boring and run of the mill, that’s what your brand is projecting to the market.

Basically the content marketing strategy is like a “story book” that when assembled makes up your brand’s voice and story. If you are unsure about the elements (stories) of your brand’s identity you will not be able to get a coherent message across to your public.

How we vibe up your brand

  • Brand identity consulting/workshop – All companies, small and big, need to have well defined brand identity. We offer brand workshops to help you in this process.
  • Content strategy – Is the foundation for the overall online marketing efforts.
  • Channel strategy – Get your message across in the digital channels that are right for your company!
  • Social media strategy – Closely related to channel strategy, the social media plan identifies what stories work better in what formats on what social platforms. Includes clearly defined KPIs for each platform and each campaign.

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